Friday, August 20, 2010

Bored and thinking of Brewing

As most of the people out in the real world, I am stuck at work today. It has been an especially boring day here. There isn't much to do.  So what else would I do, but think about brewing all day.  I started by updating my calander for all the things I need to do with the brews that are currently aging. Planning when I am going to rack my stout into the secondary and then when I'm planning on bottling it. I made sure to make a note of when my golden ale would be ready to drink.

Well, that didn't satisfy my brewing thoughts for the day. I got on the Austin Homebrew Supply website and looked around a bit. I have heard good things about them and figured since I was going to be in Austin in a few weeks, i'd check them out and pick up a recipie or two.  Two of the recipies stuck out. First was a texas blonde ale. I figured I needed to brew something light and refreshing.  The other was yet another stout. A chocolate Rasberry stout.  Normally I'm not a fan of fruit flavored beer, but this one just seemed like it wouldbe a good idea.  I was thinking Christmas gifts.  So I went ahead and planned those brews out a little bit. I had to reschedule some things. I was starting to run out of fermenters. 

Well, I would have loved to be done with the day and go home, but our office ours aren't that flexible.  I got into the creative spirit.  I decided the best use of company time was for me to design some bottle labels.  Here are what I came up with.

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